New to 40k


For this blog, I wanted to talk to those that are brand new to the game of 40k. You have probably watched other people play it at your local gamestore or even watched some batreps on Youtube and now you want to try it out yourself, but your just not sure how to go about it. Well, I am here to give you some helpful advice to get you started into 40k.

First off, if you have a buddy that is also interested in getting into 40k, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of the started set Dark Vengence. This started set comes with everything you need to get started, 2 armies(Dark Angels and Chaos), rule book, dice, templates, and measuring sticks. Even if neither of these armies are what you are interested in playing, I would still play a few games just to work on getting the core mechanics and alot of the common rules down.

If you have played a few games and now you want to get started with your own army, now you have to decide what you want to play. There are so many options out there and your not sure what to do or play. This can simply be solved. There are three things that I would highly recommend that you do….first, go to your favorite game start that sells 40k model kits and just look and see if there is any models that you like to looks of. Second, do an image search on the internet, that way if there are a few armies that your local game store doesnt carry then you can still see the full range of the models out there. Finally, I would go to Youtube and do searches for battle reports. I highly recomment miniwargaming( as they run through the whole game. This way, you can watch 2-3 videos on every army so that you can get an idea of how they play.

Perhaps you want to play an army that isnt so popular. The only way to find out what isnt played so much is to check your local gamestore meta. The most common armies that you will most likely find are Space Marines, Eldar, Tau, and Necrons. The least commonly played(which I might be wrong about) are Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard, and the Imperial Knights. I will warn you, if you decide to go Imperial Knights, be ready to drop almost a $1000 into those models, they are not cheap…….

Now that you have chosen your army, what to get first. With there being so many options and varying prices, it makes your head spin. First thing that should be purchased in the Codex. The only reason that I say this is that you can read the back story(s) of your army as well and look at all the stats and abilities of your armies unites. As far as purchasing models, I would suggest the basic HQ and two to three sets of troops. This way your not getting overwhelmed with assembly and painting. Now that you have a start, try playing a couple games with just these units to get a feel of everything. You can also ask other 40k players at your local gamestore for thier recommendations as to what to purchase next to add to your army.

In the end, you have the ultimate decision as to what army you play and how to build it. What I have mentioned above is just my personal suggestion to easy yourself into the game. There is nothing worse than going out and buying 2,000 points worth of models only to find out that even though the models look cool the army is not your play style. If your still trying to figure out what army to play and you have already looked at the models and watched the videos, in the comming blogs I will break down each army to help give you a better idea of what they are good at and what they suck at.

I hope that you enjoyed this read and that it helps give you a good starting point to enter Warhammer 40k.



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