Army Overview: Orks

Hey all,

Continuing with the army overview series I thought it might just be proper to go with the long time enemy of the Space Marines (and mankind in just about any setting you can think of), Orks.

If you are thinking of going with an Ork army, a fair bit of warning, they are very difficult to really master, though it can be done. The trick with Orks is to really use thier mob factor. Just thier basic troops can go up to total size of 30 if not 40 (if I am thinking correctly) which can bring about alot of dice to roll.

This isnt to say that Orks dont have thier fair share of special weapons and they have decent vehicles. However, their skills are lacking in both range and close combat. Usually they need to roll at 4+ to Hit and 5+ to Wound agianst models that are Toughness 4.  They make up for this by being able to roll a good 50-60+ dice.

Orks are a very tough army to play, but can also create very difficult matchup problems to every army in 40k with possible exception to Tau.

I hope that you enjoyed this very brief overview and stay tune for the next blog.



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